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Praying Nigeria into her destiny The Labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain. Nigeria, the envy of all nations. ENTER THE PRAYER ROOM JOIN US IN THE PROPHETIC PRAYERS FOR OUR NATION Click Here To Enter

The Pray Nigeria Movement

The Pray Nigeria Movement is not a political organization, and it has no political motivation or affiliation. Pray Nigeria Movement was born out of the passion to bring Nigeria to its destiny apart from political means.

Though, we believe in politics and democracy as the drivers of development, the Pray Nigeria Movement seeks to deliver its own quota to Nigeria’s development by leveraging on our connection to God in prayer, hearing from Him, and delivering encouraging messages of direction from above, which would help propel the hearts of those with genuine intentions for the nation. We believe that in order to hear such messages, we have to humble ourselves in prayer before the LORD.

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1.We can create the change we need in this nation; we don’t need to wait for another four years

2. We never needed BVAS, it was a complete waste of money. This should have been done instead

3. Thank God Bishop Oyedepo has been speaking against the evil in this nation, it's time for the young ones to rise and deliver this nation

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Youth Agitation in Nigeria: What the Government can do - My vision from 2017



Since the Lord Jesus first appeared to the man of God and called him to ministry in 2004 whilst still an undergraduate, his love for his Lord has been the driving force behind the heart of this servant of God whose ministry centres on revival of God’s power in the church and unity within the Body of Christ.

Called and recognized as a prophet to the nations, coupled with his great love for people, his heart carries the mandate of Christ, which is a display of the blend of the supernatural and philanthropy as we see written of Jesus in Acts 10:38. His philanthropic activities cuts across race, tribe and religion to deliver top-notch humanitarian services in different continents, especially in Nigeria where his newly established Empowerment Network (TEN) is fighting to eradicate poverty.



Praying Nigeria into her destiny.


The Labour of our heroes past shall not be in vain


Nigeria, the envy of all nations.

Our Motto

First world nation united in God.


We can, if we believe… Luke 18:1
And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

Join 1 Million Other Nigerians To Sign The New Nigeria Heavenly Petitions To The Court Of Heaven



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